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Increase Your Writing Productivity in a15 Minutes a Day | taught by Nancy Hendrickson

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Welcome to the 15-Minute Writer

You're in the right place if you want to:

  • Increase writing productivity for work or pleasure
  • Increase income by upping your output
  • Achieve writing goals in 15 minutes a day
  • Maximize 15 minute periods of "free time"
  • Experience more than 10 ways of utilizing 15 minute time periods
  • Improve your writing skills in a few minutes daily

Why The 15-Minute Writer?

Do you know how I've found the time to write 30 books, hundreds of magazine articles, develop 11 online courses, create more than a half-dozen commercial webinars, and consistently increase my income? By finding small chunks of free time that I sandwich between real-life "have-to's".

"Nancy is a wealth of ideas about how to get more out of the small bits of time that can be easily wasted. I can see now how I will be able to progress towards some very large goals. Thanks!" Bruce Myron

If you have a real life - and I hope you do - your days are probably filled with

  • kids
  • cooking
  • email
  • eating
  • work
  • Facebook
  • play
  • appointments
  • sports
  • friends
  • driving

What you DON'T have is four to six hours of free time every day to just sit down and quietly write . . . even though you want to write a book, make more money with your writing or start a freelance business.

"If you hate writing, then this course will make a convert out of you. The lessons gears towards the idea that writing can be fun, relaxing and therapeutic. Nancy is a great teacher. Her explanations are clear and simple. This is one of the best writing courses online." Carl Dexter

If this sounds like you, The 15-Minute Writer is exactly the right course for you. In this course you'll discover just how much you can get written in 15 minutes. And you'll be shocked at how those 15 minutes can add up over a week, month or a year. (Hint:Yes, you can write a novel using this technique). The reality is: the more you write the more your income can increase.

Don't spin your wheels if you don't have hours of free writing time because you really can accomplish more than you imagine in just 15 minutes of writing daily.

Nancy Hendrickson
Nancy Hendrickson
Professional Instructor & Mentor

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