Evernote Quick and Easy

Learn the Important Stuff - Not the Stuff You'll Never Use | taught by Nancy Hendrickson

Course description

Don't Waste Time Learning Stuff You'll Never Use

Instead, Learn the Important Stuff, Like:

  • Easily master Evernote in less than 2 hours
  • Quickly save and organize online research
  • See real-life examples of Evernote in action
  • Learn how to use fun and time-saving add-on apps
  • Discover the Evernote product that Foodies love
  • Install a browser extension that grabs and organizes interesting websites
  • Create, upload and organize audio, image and text notes
  • Learn how to stash scattered bits of important information

You've got a life - and no time to learn the intricacies of yet another online program!

"Thank you Nancy for making my life more productive! Now that I know the basics of using my Evernote program along with some of the other Apps you talk about throughout the course, I can keep much more organized. I also make training videos and over the years I have become more sensitive to crappy videos & you have hit a home run in my book. The quality of the audio & visual segments of your course is top shelf all the way. Thank you for taking the time to make it right." - Steve Dougherty

The secret to Evernote is using only the features you need. (Like I do)

You work, play, travel, create, cook, plan, and relax - and don't have time to learn every little feature that Evernote offers. In fact, if you're like most people, you've probably downloaded a version of Evernote onto your computer or phone, checked it out and then uninstalled it because it didn't look easy enough. Who has time to learn all that stuff? Not me.

At the end of the course you'll be able to create your Evernote account, create notebooks and notes, and start clipping online resources in less than 2 hours.

Don't waste time learning stuff you'll never use

Everyone needs to organize something:

  • vacation info
  • favorite recipes
  • project files
  • job requirements
  • research projects
  • school assignments
  • wine notes
  • sports photos
  • school scheules
  • websites

Yes, you can keep things to remember on scraps of paper (think: back of napkins!), bookmarks in a Web browser, or random reminders on your phone. But with Evernote - the quick and easy way - you can quickly (and I mean fast) set up folders for every part of your life, then dump notes, images, audio, video - anything you want to remember into the correct folder. By the way, Evernote calls folders Notebooks. Whatever.

The cool thing is - Evernote has a lot of add-on apps (and more being created all the time) - so you can do things like have a scanned receipt sent automatically into your Receipt Notebook, snap a photo that's instantly e-mailed to you OR sent to Evernote, and set up (free) commands that save things like the photos in Facebook that tag YOU right into Evernote.

"After installing Evernote ages ago when someone recommended it, it has sat gathering dust on my phone. I would open it up from time to time then close it again instantly, thinking I needed time to sit down and figure it out. I was an Evernote failure. After Nancy's course I now understand what it can do and how to use it - thanks Nancy! Nancy's course is really easy to follow, well-presented and just the right pace. Great stuff." Victoria Williams

Why should you listen to me?

  1. I hate spending hours/days/weeks learning a new system.
  2. I want to teach you only the most useful stuff
  3. I've written close to 30 books; Evernote is a my go-do research assistant.
  4. Evernote saved me from endless hours of "where did I put that piece of paper?"
  5. I'm not going to bore you with stuff you'll probably never use

What should you do next?

Sign up right now. Think of it this way: Every hour you delay is killing more trees thanks to your paper notes!

Nancy Hendrickson
Nancy Hendrickson
Professional Instructor & Mentor

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