Course Description

Welcome to the Magic of Outlining

If you want to write your non-fiction book or magazine article as quickly and as easily as possible, you need to learn the power of outlines. And I'm not talking about the kind you learned in high school!

Using the methods in this course you'll be able to create a powerful outline that will practically write the book for you.

Two Basic Outlining Techniques

Depending on your subject matter, you'll use either the 1913 Ford Assembly Line (sequential) or the Pasta Salad (flexible) technique to develop your outline both in sequence and in content.

Then, using my Outline Math you can quickly calculate the length of each part of your book. Never again will you write too short or too long!

Do These Methods Work?

Absolutely! I've used the exact same methods to create outlines for all 29 of my books (both indie and traditionally published) as well as hundreds of magazine articles and pieces of web content.

Stop procrastinating. Outline your non-fiction book today and start writing the book you've dreamed of.

Professional Instructor & Mentor

Nancy Hendrickson

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Outlining

    • Outlining - An Introduction

  • 2

    Two Types of Outlines

    • Outlining in Sequence

    • Outlining the Salad

  • 3

    Chapters - How Long Should They Be?

    • Outlining Math